Forever Dance Crew Professional Dancer based in Jakarta Indonesia, established since 2008 by Monika Djauhari S.kom ARAD RAD RTS. Currently FDC is one of the best dance company in Jakarta, Indonesia, FDC has been performed in many events and has been satisfying clients with our performance.

FDC professional dancer always gives the best performance with a high standard of quality in every dance performance. FDC professional dancer presents various genres of dance or create a new dance concept by request.

FDC professional dancer can training and create a dance choreography for artist or dance team and we can organizing dance events like dance competitions or jury for dance competitions.

FDC also known as FDC Dancers, Forever Dance Crew, Forever Dance Company or FDC dance company or FDCrew.

Celebrate your event with Forever Dance Crew more info please contact us.

Forever Dance Crew Management Team
monika djauhari

Monika Djauhari S.Kom ARAD RAD RTS ( Founder )
Artistic Director & Manager


Forever Dance Crew Choreographer

  • Antonie Djunaidi ( Choreographer )
  • Nadia Nathanael ( Choreographer )
  • Natalya Leticia ( Choreographer )

More info about Forever Dance Crew :

Professional Dancer Jakarta

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