Forever Dance Crew Indonesia Dancer Agency Jakarta FDC Dancer creating innovative dance works and attractive with high quality standards and high quality standards of performance to amaze the audience and client satisfaction. FDC professional dancers present a variety of dance genres for various events.

FDC dance work presents a variety of dance genres such as

forever dance

  • Hip hop Dance
  • Modern Dance
  • Broadway Dance
  • Traditional modern dance
  • Jazz Dance
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Ballet
  • Lyrical Hip Hop Modern Dance
  • Bboy breakdance
  • K-pop dance cover
  • Flash mob dance ( preferably more than 20 dancers )
  • Cabaret or dance theatrical or dance concert or medley ( conceptually dance performances should be more than 20 minutes and with many dancers )
  • Tron led dance El wire dance ( standard or with a computerised system )
  • Combine some dance style
  • and other dance genres.

FDC dancers : Baby Kids dancers and teen – adult dancers

Dancer for any Events :

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